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Created on Wednesday, 05 August 2015 09:06

Clinical Center Niš is a health, education and teaching center of the Faculty of Medicine Niš. They conduct their activity by improving the conditions for scientific and research work in terms of organizing and conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of medicine, following the latest scientific developments and their implementation in the working process of Clinical Center Niš. 


This is a health institution accessible to everyone; it helps the healthy people to remain healthy and the sick to recover.

Clinical Center tends to be a progressive and innovative institution following technological development accompanied by high skill and good care quality. Due to good service and the use of modern technology CC will become an institution of choice in which people would be glad to be treated, students to learn and employees to work.

Clinical Center Nis will be one of the leading national health improvement centers; it is to be achieved through integration of treatment, research and education.  

A wide spectrum of services will be available due to the implementation of the unique talents of our experts along with modern technology. Our organization will be efficient, effective and based on the principles of ethical responsibility and dedication to the quality of service.

Clinical Center will be remarkable for highly professional attitude of the staff to the patients and their families, where health care would be personalized and adjusted to the medical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the patients.

Our aim is to make the treatment in this institution a high-quality treatment which is efficient, safe, comfortable and based on the care and sympathy of a good expert. 

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