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From the moment when the first Central Laboratory was formed, up to its evolution into the Medical Biochemistry Center and today, this institution has successfully conducted health, research and educational activities. The Center was awarded several times for the quality of laboratory diagnosis.

Within its health activity, the Center conducts clinical and biochemical laboratory diagnostics, both routine and highly-specialized, in all biological fluids available, for the needs of all medical fields. The experts of the Center constantly innovate this type of diagnosis. There are hundreds of different biological markers and about 2 000 000 analyses are annually conducted. In terms of scientific and educational activity, the Center is a place where numerous doctoral and master’s theses have been created, as well as specialist and sub-specialist papers. The results of these researches have been published in many scientific papers and presented on national and international meetings.



Cabinet for Biochemical Diagnostics

Cabinet for Biochemical and Hematological Diagnostics

Cabinet for Immuno-Chemical Diagnostics


Doc. dr Vladan Ćosić


Dr med. sci. Slavica Kundalić


Prim. dr Jasna Lalić

Prim. dr sci. Lilika Zvezdanović


Dr med. sci. Tatjana Ristić


Dr Snežana Madić


Dr Dušanka Marković

Dr Svetlana Stojiljković

Dr Tatjana Đorđević

Dr Mirjana Stanojković

Dr Dragana Stanković-Ferlež

Dr Dragana Mitić


Jelena Đorđević

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