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Nuclear medicine was introduced into clinical practice of the Clinical Center Niš in the 1980s, when it still was a little-known branch of medicine. Very expansive development of nuclear medicine gradually surpassed its former indications and in the 1990s it imposed the necessity for forming a separate organization unit. Nuclear Medicine Center was formed in 1993 and since then its activity has been enriching from day to day.Nuclear Medicine Center is nowadays a highly specialized institution in the system of tertiary health protection. It is a teaching center of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, not only for the students, but also for medical doctors enrolled at a specialist program in the field of nuclear medicine. The Center participates in educational activity by conducting continuing medical education for specialists in all fields as well as the specialists of nuclear medicine. In terms of scientific and research activity, the Center participates in projects conducted by the Ministry of Science and International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as in clinical trials. Medical doctors from the Nuclear Medicine Center are active participants of international congresses; what is more, they are authors and co-authors of more than 150 papers published in national and international reviewed journals.In terms of equipment, the Center has two dual-head gamma cameras, an old partially functional gamma camera – ROTA Siemens, and new SPECT gamma camera purchased in 2010. There also are two gamma counters for radioimmunoassay, immunoradiometric and radio receiver analyses and a fluoroimmunoassay machine.About 110 000 services are annually provided in the Nuclear Medicine Center.


Cabinet for Functional Diagnosis and TherapyCabinet for Radioimmunoassay and Complementary Methods


Marina Vlajković, MD, PhD


Slobodan Ilić, Md, PhD


Milena Rajić, MD, PhD


Lela Vranić

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