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Pathology and Pathological Anatomy Center (former Pathology Institute) was established in 1960, and since 1990 it has been integral part of the Clinical Center Niš. Health, educational and scientific activities are performed in the Center. It is a teaching center of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš and a relevant scientific and research institution in the field of pathological anatomy and clinical pathology.Pathology and Pathological Anatomy Center is a highly specialized institution which deals with histopathological, cytological and immunohistochemical diagnosis of organs and organ systems. About 80 000 different examinations are annually performed in the Center.In 2003, a laboratory for immunohistochemical examinations was opened, in which hormone receptors, oncoproteins and other tumor markers are examined. Medical doctors from this Center are active participants in the teaching process at the Faculty of Medicine in Niš. The Center organizes specializations, trainings and activities for master’s and doctoral theses.


Department of Clinical Pathology

• Cabinet for CNS and Neuromuscular System

• Cabinet for Medical Cytology, Pathology of Skin, Bone and Soft Tissue, Pediatric Pathology and Endocrine Pathology

• Cabinet for the Pathology of the Hepatobiliary System

• Cabinet for the Pathology of the Gastrointestinal System

• Cabinet for Breast Pathology

• Cabinet for the Pathology of the Urinary and Male Genital System

• Cabinet for Gynecological Pathology

• Cabinet for the Pathology of the Respiratory System

• Cabinet for the Pathology of the Hematopoietic and Lymphoreticular System

Department of Laboratory Diagnostics


Dragan Mihailović, MD, PhD

Žaklina Mijović, MD, PhD


Vesna Živković, MD, PhD

Jasmina Gligorijević, MD, PhD

Biljana Đorđević, MD, PhD

Maja Milentijević, MD, PhD

Ljubinka Veličković, MD, PhD

Doc. dr Miljan Krstić, MD, PhD

Vesna Jović

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