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The first cardiological department in Niš was opened in 1904 within the General Hospital. Since 1938 it has been situated in the building in which it is now, which was renovated and adapted to the needs of four clinics in 1978. This clinic branched out from the internal medicine service in 1971.

It is a highly specialized health institution which deals with diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The basic activity of the Cardiovascular Diseases Clinic is diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases and peripheral blood vessel disorder, which are nowadays leading diseases in morbidity and mortality structure. Good equipment and high expertise of doctors enable the application of the latest methods in diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is important to mention the results of the Invasive Diagnostics Department by introducing new methods of prevention and treatment of myocardial infarction. The following methods are also conducted at the clinic:

Primary percutaneous intervention (PPI)

Transesophageal echocardiography

Stress echocardiography


Implantation of antibradycardia and anti-tachycardia pacemakers

Implantation of resynchronization pacemakers in treating serious heart failures


Department for the Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome

• Coronary Units

• Postcoronary Units

Department of Inv. Cardiology and Cardiac Pacing

• Section of Invasive Cardiology

• Section of Cardiac Pacing

Department of Intensive Care

Department for the Treatment of Chronic Heart Patients

• Section of Chronic Coronary Disease

• Section for the Treatment of Heart Failure

Department for the Examination and Treatment of Arterial Blood Pressure

Department for Emergency Admissions, Spec-Consultative Activity and Diagnostics

• Daily-Care Section

• Section of Noninvasive Diagnostics


The Cardiovascular Diseases Clinic employs 6 chiefs of departments, 8 heads of sections, 6 technicians in charge, 17 medical doctors – specialists, 3 residents and 77 healthcare workers.


Tomislav Kostić, dr med. sci.

Assistant Director

Prim. dr med. sci. Aleksandar Stojković

Assistant Director for Scientific Research

Svetlana Apostolović, MD, PhD

Chiefs of Departments

Prim. dr Teodora Stanojlović

Prim. dr Milena Radosavljević

Prim. dr Svetlana Petrović-Nagorni

Zoran Perišić, MD, PhD

Milan Pavlović, MD, PhD

Heads of Sections

Prim. dr Jozef Glasnović

Doc. dr Marko Lazović

Doc. dr Snežana Ćirić-Zdravković

Dr. med. sci. Momir Ranđelović

Prim. dr sci Nebojša Krstić

Dr Nenad Božinović

Heads of Sections-Cabinets

Dr Emina Dimitrijević

Dr Vesna Mitić

Head Nurse

Danijela Mraović

Information for Patients

Medical review board for coronary angiography and pacemaker implantation - receiving room No. 2, Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 am.

Appointments for non-invasive diagnostics (ergo test, echocardiogram Holter ECG from 2 pm to 2.30 pm each day at the information desk in the lobby of the clinic

Instructions for Patients

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