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Dermatovenerology service started its activity in Niš in 1912. In 1950, the dermatovenerology section was situated in the building which currently houses the clinic. On July 1, 1971, the Dermatovenerology Clinic was established.Dermatovenerology Clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, genitourinary and visible mucous membranes, such as autoimmune bullous diseases, connective tissue diseases, allergic diseases, dermatoses, disorders of disturbed keratinization, nodular dermatosis, purpuri, pruritic dermatoses, impaired venous circulation and others.


Department of Allergic and Autoimmune DiseasesMixed Pathology DepartmentDepartment for Admission of Patients, Specialized and Consulting Activities and Diagnosis


Jelica Tiodorović, MD, PhD 

Dr Milica Petrović 

Prim. Dr Ljiljana Nikolić

Dragan Jovanović, MD, PhD 

Prim. Dr Milanka Ljubenović

Prim. Dr Danijela Popović 

Dr Dragana Ljubisavljević

Dr Zorana Zlatanović 

Svetlana Arsić

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