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Department of infectious diseases was formed in 1903, when the General Hospital was established. In 1948, a building for TB treatment was constructed, by which the department was expanded on 40 beds. With the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš in 1960, the department became a teaching center. In 1971, the Infectious Diseases Clinic was established. The clinic moved into a new buliding in 1979 and since then it has been working as a modern health institution.

Infectious diseases are not, and will never be, part of the past; they are the reality which requires the mobility of the whole health system. This is why the Infecious Diseases Clinic in Niš is so important. The clinic has a significant role in treating epidemicdisease outbreaks: a mass food poisoning, tularemia, infectious hepatitis, influenza, etc. Due to good technical equipment, along with continuing education of medical staff, the clinic successfully faces all the challenges.



Department of Droplet and Neuroinfections

Department of Liver Diseases and Gastrointestinal Tract Diseases

Intensive Care Department

Department of AIDS Diseases

Outpatient Department and Consultative Services


Žarko Ranković, MD, PhD


Dr Branislav Jovanović


Dr Duška Stojanović

Miodrag Vrbić, MD, PhD

Maja Jovanović, MD, PhD


Dr Vesna Mihailović


Dr Steva Stanišić


Slobodanka Stanišić

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