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Otolaryngology Clinic was formed in 1969 as the first clinic within the General Hospital. It was situated in a new building and had modern equipment on its disposal. Today it is a reference institution in South-Eastern Serbia which deals with pathology of ear, nose and throat (ENT). It is also a teaching center of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš.Otolaryngology Clinic is a highly specialized health institution which deals with diagnosis and treatment of ENT disorders. In the last couple of years the following procedures have been introduced:



Department of OtologyDepartment of RhinologyDepartment of Laryngology and Neck SurgeryOperation Department

Department for receiving patients, spec-consultative activity and diagnostics


Dusan Milisavljevic, MD, PhD 

Milan Stanković, MD, PhD 


Prim. dr Miodrag Mitić 

Mr dr Emilija Živković-Marinković

Dejan Rančić, MD, PhD

Doc. dr Mila Bojanović 

Dr Saša Živaljević

Dr Dragan Stojanov 

Dr Božidar Petrović

Dr Dragan Janković

Dr Dragana Simić

Dr Bojan Marinković 

Anica Milovanovic

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