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Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic is a highly specialized institution which deals with diagnostics and treatment of diseases in childhood. About 3 700 patients are treated at this clinic annually with an average lenght of stay of 8.3 days. The number of specialist examinations performed per year is 26 000 and the number of outpatient services is 52 000.

The beginning of pediatric service in Niš is related to the period between the two wars, more precisely, to the year 1927, when the Hygienic Institute formed the School Polyclinic. Two years later, the Health Center established the Pediatric Dispensary. However, children requiring hospitalization were still treated along with adult patients. Pediatric Department was formed in 1946, the head of which was Jordan Tomić, MD. The department had 2 doctors, 28 paramedics and 2 hygienists.

With the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš in 1961, the Pediatric Department became a teaching center. The Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic was formed in 1971 with Borivoje Ćosić as its director. Three years later it was unified with Pediatric Surgical Clinic and Pediatric Dispensary and continued its independent work under the guidance of Radoslav Živić, MD, PhD.

Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic offers the services of diagnosis and treatment of disordes in childhood in the field of neonatology, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, hematology, oncology, neurology, immunology and allergology. New diagnostic and therapeutic procedures have been introduced in the last couple of years in all those fields.


Department of Intensive Care

Department of Neonatology

Department of Pulmonology

Department of Hematology and Oncology

Department of Cardiology and Rheumatology

Department of Immunology and Allergology with Genetics

Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes

Department of Nephrology

Department of Gastroenterohepatology

Department for Receiving Patients, Spec-Consultative Activity and Diagnostics

  • Daily-Care Section
  • Section of Biochemical and Hematological Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Section of Immuno-Genetic Laboratory Diagnostics

Department of Ultrasound and X-ray Diagnostics

Department of Pediatric Neurology

Cabinet for EEG Diagnostics

  • Director

EmilijaGolubović, MD, PhD


  • Assistant Director

Gordana Kostić, MD, PhD


  • Assistant Director for Scientific Research

Jelena Vojinović, MD, PhD


  • Chiefs of Departments

Dr Jelena Vučić

Mr dr Predrag Miljković

Saša Živić, MD, PhD

Ljiljana Pejčić, MD, PhD


  • Heads of Sections

Prim. Dr Gordana Jovanović

Dr Danijela Jovančić

Doc. dr Hristina Stamenković

Zlatko Đurić, MD, PhD

Ljiljana Šaranac, MD, PhD

Doc. dr Bojko Bjelaković

Doc. prim. Dr Snežana Živanović

Ljiljana Branković, spec. Of genetics


  • Heads of Sections - Cabinets

Dr Dragan Pančić

Dr Mirjana Ilić


  • Head Nurse

Tanja Milivojević

About Us

Clinical Center Niš is a republic institution, established on November 14, 1990. It is the second largest health institution in Serbia, which provides services to the entire southeast and south of Serbia, with about 3 million inhabitants. Clinical Center Niš is a teaching center within the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, with about 240 experts from this institution who participate in the education of new staff. With 28 clinics, institutes and departments, as well as supporting services, Clinical Center represents a unique health, educational, scientific and research system. Clinical Center Niš has 1,465 beds on its disposal, and it is the only organization in Serbia with no excess of space and hospital beds.


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