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Neurosurgery in Niš exists more than half a century. First neurosurgeries were performed at the Surgery Department of the General Hospital in Niš in 1957. This service was transformed into a clinic in 1979. It is located on the 2nd and 3rd level of the surgery department. In this institution, medical doctors treat the diseases of central nervous system and peripheral nerves, neurotraumas and pediatric neurosurgery.Neurosurgery Clinic is a highly specialized health institution in the field of neurosurgery. The most dominant surgeries are operations of tumor processes in endocranium and spine, operations of spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis listhesis, aneurysms of the brain blood vessels, head traumas, spinal traumas etc.The following methods are conducted: occipitoservical fixation technique by Summit, PLIF and TLIF surgery techniques, neck operation by frontal access and installation of different types of cages. Furthermore, telescopic implants for spine fixation in corpectomy have been purchased. In the last couple of years, several Archimedes screw pumps have been implemented. Patients have regular refilling, pumps function regularly and no explantation has been performed.In cooperation with the Radiology Center, this clinic treats patients with brain aneurysm, AVM intravascular occlusion with coils, stents and glue, by which the level of treating tumor lesions is significantly improved.In terms of education, it is important to mention that the Neurosurgery Clinic is a teaching center of the Faculty of Medicine in Niš.
Department of Neurosurgery

  • Section of Cerebrovascular and Tumor Pathology
  • Section of Spinal Disorders and Diseases of Peripheral Nerves
  • Section of Neurosurgical Diseases in Children
  • Section of Traumatology

Operation Ward and Intensive Care

  • Surgical Section
  • Intensive Care Section

Department for Receiving Patients, Spec-Consultative Activity and Diagnostics

  • Day Hospital Section

  • Director

Nebojša Stojanović, MD, PhD 

  • Assistant Director

Dr Vlada Radivojević 

  • Director’s Counselor

Dr Milan Puzić 

  • Chiefs of Departments

Ivan Stefanović, MD, PhD

Doc. dr Vesna Novak 

  • Heads of Sections

Doc. dr Aleksandar Kostić 

  • Chiefs of Departments-Cabinets

Dr Budimir Petrović 

  • Heads of Sections-Cabinets

Dr Aleksandar Igić

Dr Miodrag Aleksić

Dr Radisav Mitić 

  • Head Nurse

Dragana Nikolić

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About Us

Clinical Center Niš is a republic institution, established on November 14, 1990. It is the second largest health institution in Serbia, which provides services to the entire southeast and south of Serbia, with about 3 million inhabitants. Clinical Center Niš is a teaching center within the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, with about 240 experts from this institution who participate in the education of new staff. With 28 clinics, institutes and departments, as well as supporting services, Clinical Center represents a unique health, educational, scientific and research system. Clinical Center Niš has 1,465 beds on its disposal, and it is the only organization in Serbia with no excess of space and hospital beds.


Clinical Center Niš

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