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Neurology Clinic was established by the transformation of the Neuropsychiatry Clinic in 1990. By the decision of the Ministry of Health and board of directors of the Clinical Center Niš, Neurology Clinic was moved from Gornja Toponica to Niš and situated in the premises of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic in 1994. It is still on the same location.
Neurology Clinic is a highly specialized health institution dealing with diagnostics and treatment of neurological and neuromuscular disorders.
Neurology Clinic is a reference center for:
·         Treating patients suffering from multiple sclerosis with beta interferon
·         Modern treatment of patients with acute stoke with fibronolytic therapy-so far there have been 60 fibronolyses
·         The treatment of muscle spasm and involuntary movements with botulinum toxin
·         The treatment of miasteniae gravis-thymectomy in collaboration with the General Surgery Clinic
·         Endovascular procedures (balloon dilatations and stents), in collaboration with Radiology Institute
·         Intrathecal therapy of muscle spasms and pain in collaboration with Neurosurgery Clinic
·         Introduction of new antiepileptic medicines
·         Diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathies
·         Diagnosis and treatment of dementia
Diagnostic procedures conducted in the Neurology Clinic:
·         Diagnosis of brain death (the clinic is a member of the team for the cadaveric donor transplantation)
·         Transcranial magnetic stimulation
·         All the modalities of evoked potentials, including cognitive
·         Electromyoneurography
·         Electroencephalography, including video EEG diagnosis
·         Ultrasound of the arterial blood vessels of the neck
·         Neuropsychological examination
The clinic is a reference center for the education of medical doctors and nurses in the field of neurophysiological methods.

Clinical Neurology Department 1 (Chief – Stevo Lukić, MD, assist. professor)

- Section of Epilepsy and Sleeping Disorders with EEG diagnostics (Head – Mirjana Spasić, MD, PhD)

- Movement Disorder Section (Head – Jelena Stamenović, dr sci)

- Section of Behavioral Neurology with Neuropsychological Diagnostics (Head – Jelena Stamenović, dr sci)

Clinical Neurology Department 2 (Chief – Gordana Đorđević, MD, assist. professor)

- Section of Neuropathy with Electromyoneurography (Head – Zoran Perić, MD, PhD)

- Section of Myopathy and Spinal Syndromes (Head – Predrag Karabašević, MD)

- Section of Demyelination Disorder Diagnosis with Evoked Potential (Head – Slobodan Vojinović, MD, PhD)

Department of Cerebrovascular Disease with Neurosonological Diagnostics (Chief – Dragiša Lukić, MD)

- Section of Headaches and Chronic Pain Conditions (Head – Srđan Ljubisavljević, assist. dr sci)

Intensive Care Departmant- withStroke Unit (Chief – Nikola Vukašinović, MD)

Admission and Diagnostics Department (Chief – Anđelka Ilić, MD, prim.)

- Day Hospital Section (Head - Anđelka Ilić, MD, prim.)

The Neurology Clinic employs 27 medical doctors (2 sub-specialists, 24 specialists and 1 resident), 7  of which are lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, 11 have PhD diplomas, 2 are masters of science and 3 primarius medical doctors. There are also 56 healthcare workers.


Mirjana Spasić, MD, PhD

Assistant Director

Dragiša Lukić, MD

Assistant Directors for Scientific Research

Zoran Perić, MD, PhD

Head Nurse

Vesna Milosavljević, senior nurse

Chiefs of Departments

Gordana Đorđević, Ass. dr med. sci.

Stevo Lukić, Doc. dr

Dragiša Lukić, MD

Nikola Vukašinović, MD

Anđelka Ilić, MD, prim.

Heads of Sections

Mirjana Spasić, MD, PhD

Jelena Stamenović, dr sci.

Zoran Perić, MD, PhD

Predrag Karabašević, MD

Slobodan Vojinović, MD, PhD

Srđan Ljubisavljević, dr sci.


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Clinical Center Niš is a republic institution, established on November 14, 1990. It is the second largest health institution in Serbia, which provides services to the entire southeast and south of Serbia, with about 3 million inhabitants. Clinical Center Niš is a teaching center within the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, with about 240 experts from this institution who participate in the education of new staff. With 28 clinics, institutes and departments, as well as supporting services, Clinical Center represents a unique health, educational, scientific and research system. Clinical Center Niš has 1,465 beds on its disposal, and it is the only organization in Serbia with no excess of space and hospital beds.


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