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Oncology Clinic is a highly specialized health, educational and scientific institution in the field of oncology. Highly complicated preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed at this clinic. Furthermore, health status of the population is studied, number of oncology patients is registered, multidisciplinary clinical trials are performed and new methods of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of tumors are conducted.

Oncology Clinic participates in the realization of scientific projects funded by the Ministry of Health and Technology of the Republic of Serbia. The result of this kind of work is a number of published scientific papers.

Oncology Clinic became a teaching center of the Faculty of Medicine in 1987. Medical studies included a course Basics of Clinical Oncology in 1995. In 1998, the programs of master’s and sub-specialist studies from the field of oncology were adopted.

Oncology Clinic is one of the greatest health institutions in the country which deals with prevention, diagnostics and treatment of malignant diseases. The clinic cooperates with other oncological institutions here and abroad and it is one of five reference centers in the field of tertiary oncological health protection. The latest methods of radiation, hemotherapy and hormone therapy for localization of tumors are applied.


Department of Malignant Breast Cancer

  • Breast Cabinet

Department of Gynecological Oncology

  • Gynecological Oncology Cabinet
  • Section of Chemotherapy

Department of Malignant Tumors of the Gastrointestinal Tract

Department of Urological Malignant Tumors

Department of Mixed Pathology and Biological Therapy of Tumors

• Section of Malignant Tumors of the Central Nervous System

• Intensive Care Section

Department of Radiotherapy

• Section of Radiotherapy of Malignant Breast Cancer

• Section of Radiotherapy of Gastrointestinal Tumors

• Section of Radiotherapy of Malignant Tumors of ENT, skin, bones and soft tissues

• Diagnostic Section

• Section of Radiological Physics for Radiation Planning and Control

Department for Receiving Patients, Spec-Consultative Activity and Diagnostics

• Daily Hospital Section

• Section of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

  • Director

Svetislav Vrbić, MD, PhD


  • Assistant Director

Ivica Pejčić, MD, PhD


  • Chiefs of Departments

Prim. Dr Slavica Veselinović

Prof. dr Zorica Stanojević

Mr dr Saša Ljubenković


  • Heads of Sections

Prof. dr Slađana Filipović

Dr med. sci. Dušica Stojanović

Dr med. sci. Slaviša Jančić


  • Chiefs of Departments-Cabinets

Dr Miroljub Petrović

Dr Zoran Pejčić

Dr Mirjana Stanić


  • Heads of Sections-Cabinets

Dr Snežana Đorđević

Dr Milijana Lazović

Dr Mirjana Balić

Dr Nataša Simonović

Dr Miroslav Veličković

Jelena Stanković


  • Head Nurse

Vesna Radojičić

About Us

Clinical Center Niš is a republic institution, established on November 14, 1990. It is the second largest health institution in Serbia, which provides services to the entire southeast and south of Serbia, with about 3 million inhabitants. Clinical Center Niš is a teaching center within the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, with about 240 experts from this institution who participate in the education of new staff. With 28 clinics, institutes and departments, as well as supporting services, Clinical Center represents a unique health, educational, scientific and research system. Clinical Center Niš has 1,465 beds on its disposal, and it is the only organization in Serbia with no excess of space and hospital beds.


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