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The construction of the Tuberculosis Hospital in Knez Selo started in 1939. In 1947, the hospital was transformed into the Tuberculosis Sanatorim (with 200 beds) and in 1956 it became the Special TB Hospital (with 350 beds). This hospital was transformed into the Pulmonary Diseases Institute which became the Pulmonary Diseases and TB Clinic in 1982.

This clinic is a reference center for treating pulmonary diseases and TB in this part of Serbia. Pulmonary Diseases Clinic is also a teaching center for the students of medicine, doctors at a specialist program and medical doctors studying their master course. In addition, several scientific projects have been conducted there.

Pulmonary Diseases and TB Clinic is a highly specialized health institution which offers diagnostic and therapeutic services in treating disorders of the respiratory system, such as non-specific pulmonary diseases, associated extrapulmonary diseases, immunological disorders, granulomatoses, obstructive pulmonary diseases and bronchial asthma, malignant pulmonary diseases, TB etc. There is a microbiological laboratory within the clinic which is a reference laboratory in TB diagnosis. The section of the day hospital deals with treating chronic pulmonary diseases, less severe forms of pneumonia and application of cytostatic chemotherapy for patients with malignant pulmonary diseases. The clinic has a special ward equipped for the treatment of patients suffering from multidrug-resistant TB, which is one of three institutions in Serbia having this kind of treatment. This clinic is a leading institution in the field of oncological pulmonology in South-eastern Serbia, where the medicines of the latest generation are administered, patients are being prepared for a thoracic surgery and a highly specialized Concilium for the treatment of malignant pulmonary diseases meets.


Department of Non-Specific and Immunological Lung Disease

Department of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Bronchial Asthma

• Day-Care Section for Obstructive Diseases

Department of Tuberculosis

Department of Malignant Pulmonary Diseases

• Daily Hospital Section for Chemotherapy

Department of Intensive Care

Department for Admission of Patients, Spec-Consultative Activity and Diagnostics

• Section of Functional Diagnostics

• Bronchology Section

• Microbiology Section

  • Director

Tatjana Pejčić, MD, PhD


  • Assistant Director

Ivana Stanković, MD, PhD


  • Chiefs of Departments

Lidija Ristić, MD, PhD

Prof. dr med. sci. Milan Rančić

Prim. Dr med. Ivanka Đorđević

Prim. Dr med. sci. Slavica Golubović


  • Heads of Sections

Dr Snežana Rančić

Dr Snežana Janković

Doc. dr Zorica Ćirić


  • Chiefs of Departments-Cabinets

Dr Biljana Vrbić

Dr Dušica Vasić


  • Heads of Sections-Cabinets

Dr Dragana Dačić

Dr Gordana Dugalić


  • Head Nurse

Suzana Živković

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Clinical Center Niš is a republic institution, established on November 14, 1990. It is the second largest health institution in Serbia, which provides services to the entire southeast and south of Serbia, with about 3 million inhabitants. Clinical Center Niš is a teaching center within the Faculty of Medicine in Niš, with about 240 experts from this institution who participate in the education of new staff. With 28 clinics, institutes and departments, as well as supporting services, Clinical Center represents a unique health, educational, scientific and research system. Clinical Center Niš has 1,465 beds on its disposal, and it is the only organization in Serbia with no excess of space and hospital beds.


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